The kitchen is the hub of the home. Meals are created there, and
memories are made there. Imagine the smell of fresh baked bread or
a pan of cookies just removed from the oven!

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The delicious aroma of freshly baked treats emanate from the
kitchen and permeate the entire house. Baking can be a fun and
satisfying experience. Creativity is unleashed with the combining
of ingredients to make a delicious treat. Kneading dough for bread
or pastries can provide a stress relieving experience like no

If baking is your passion, you spend untold hours pursuing that
passion. Your kitchen should be designed to facilitate both every
day meal preparation and those weekend baking session alone or with
the family. Having appropriate equipment and space is crucial to a
satisfying escape through baking.

Remodel or Redesign Your Kitchen

Take a look at your kitchen. Do you have adequate counter and
storage space? Do you like the design of your space? Do your
appliances function properly? Perhaps not, and perhaps it is time
to consider a complete
kitchen remodel
that incorporates an area that is designed
specifically for baking.

If a complete remodel is out of the question, take a closer look
at your space. You can make your existing space more
conducive to baking
with simple changes or additions to the
space. Perhaps you have an unused corner that you can transform
into a baking center.

Placing Your Kitchen Equipment

Your most used equipment should be within easy reach. Typically,
when you bake you need a variety of measuring cups and spoons as
well as spatulas, whisks, mixing bowls and pans appropriate for a
multitude of creations. Consider storing those things together in
the same area if not in the same cabinet. A good quality mixer is a
must for a serious baker. Storing the mixer in close proximity to
the other baking utensils will make the job easier from start to

Placing Your Ingredients

Now that all of the essential equipment has been placed
together, take a look at how you store your most used ingredients.
Flours and oils can be stored in durable, attractive containers
that are color coded or clearly labelled. Spices can also be stored
in attractive decorative containers. Storing all the essential
baking ingredients together in the pantry, in a cabinet or even on
the counter near your mixer and other utensils is ideal for
efficient use of the baking area.


If your
kitchen cabinetry
is not conducive to storing all of your
baking supplies together, it is time to think outside the kitchen
shaped box. A baking center can be created using a free-standing
piece of furniture like a dresser.
When choosing this option, consider the size of your space and
choose a piece of furniture that fits that space. Also consider the
design of the piece. It should fit with the overall design of your
room. Look at the drawers or doors on the piece. Are they deep
enough and wide enough to store the items you routinely use?
Finally, consider the construction material. You want a piece that
will be durable and can withstand the wear and tear that your
baking will create. Perhaps a large cutting board or a piece of
counter top made to fit the top of the piece would be a beautiful
and functional custom addition.

Whether you have a small kitchen or a large one, creating a
custom baking center simply requires a little planning and creative
thought. The most important consideration is finding a way to put
essential equipment in a centralized location. Storing essential
ingredients together and near the equipment makes the baking task
easier. Carefully considering the space you have and having a
willingness to think outside the box can lead to years of baking
memories to come.

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