An Easy Bean Salad is the perfect side dish for any potluck.
This three bean salad is a bit traditional and a bit new and it’s
one of my favorite salad recipes!

overhead bean salad in bowl

I love beans so much. They’re one of my favorite sources of
protein and fiber, which is why I was stoked to make a bean salad
recipe this year in time for summer.

Growing up I never ate bean salad because it freaked me out.
I’m not sure if it was the canned green beans or the dressing
that made me stay away, but this version is so light and flavorful
you will be making it again and again.

Entertaining is something we love to do in the warmer months.
Whenever we have a BBQ or pool party I always make a ton of side
dishes. Usually I make pasta
like pesto
or caprese,
and sometimes a big green salad like the one I made last year with
. A few weeks ago
when we had our new friends over
, I decided to make a bean
salad as well as some other great potluck recipes I’ll be sharing

I kept some of the ingredients in this bean salad recipe the same
as the traditional one but I created my own bean salad dressing
that’s so refreshing!

bean salad in bowl

One of the best things about a bean salad is that you can make
it ahead of time. I love having everything prepped when I’m
having people over so I don’t have to do anything once they

Old fashioned Bean Salads like this almost taste better as they
age anyway, so I love making it the night before. And if you have
leftovers – even better.


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