Looking for a nutritious, easy, and delicious breakfast? Try
this Easy Tomato Basil Omelet.

We’re big fans of nutritious food, delicious food, breakfast
all day long, and easy to make food! This Easy Tomato Basil Omelet
checks all of the above boxes, and yes, you can enjoy it for
breakfast or dinner.

Whether you have a garden at home, participate in local farming
or CSA’s, or just make weekly trips to get fresh groceries, then
you’re probably seeing a lot of spring produce pop up. The great
thing about making an omelet is the versatility of ingredients you
can use such as vegetables and herbs and spices that line your
pantry already.

One of the great things about seasonal produce is the
versatility so use whatever vegetables you have on hand, and if
that happens to be fresh tomatoes then you’re in for a treat!
Stocking your pantry is one of the key elements of practicing
better eating habits and it can be as simple as starting small with
legumes, grains, and of course, herbs and spices that can be used
in every meal.

Rise and Shine Omelet | Nutrition Stripped
Rise and Shine Omelet | Nutrition Stripped

Many of us might forget that herbs and spices aren’t just
stocked in our kitchen to add flavor, but they can encourage us to
get cooking in the kitchen, making delicious homemade recipes.
Simply Organic seasonings are 100% NS approved and we
wholeheartedly recommend stocking
up your pantry
and kitchen with their organic seasonings.

Knowing where your food comes from is such an important part of
our food philosophy at NS, not just from the nutrition standpoint,
but the other factors such as quality, environment, and the people
involved who grow our food. Our friends at Simply Organic work
closely to support small organic farmers who care deeply about the
land and plants they harvest to make our lives more delicious and
nourishing with their all organic herbs and spices.

Since we’re in full spring mode over here, we spent a weekend
in the garden planting our favorite herbs and enjoying the
beautiful weather. Inspired by the delicious duo of combining sweet
summer tomatoes and basil, I came up with this super easy Easy
Tomato Basil Omelet.

Nothing says warm weather to us more than basil and ripe cherry
tomatoes — and everything tastes better with Almond
. To make the Almond
taste even cheesier sans dairy, you can also add a
little nutritional
to the mix.

As delicious as this Tomato Basil Omelet is, it’s even easier
to make. All you need are a couple of basic kitchen tools, herbs,
and spices, some delicious tomatoes and you have everything you
need to create a meal that can be made in a hurry but still
provides you with a nutritious start to your busy day.

Rise and Shine Omelet | Nutrition Stripped

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