Learn how to make these peach crumble bars from scratch! They
have a soft sugar cookie crust, sweet juicy peach filling, and a
spiced oat streusel topping. Yet they’re just 79 calories with no
eggs, dairy, refined flour or sugar!


Every summer throughout my high school and college years, my family
celebrated peach season the same way. Although Mom rarely baked
anything from scratch, she always pulled out the faded, yellowing
index card with Grandma’s neat script outlining how to make her
famous peach pie.

As soon as we saw the first really big, beautiful peaches arrive
at the grocery store, we bought a huge bag and brought them home.
After a few days of ripening, we pulled out mixing bowls and the
glass pie plate, carefully following Grandma’s Instructions.

Her recipe began with an extremely buttery shortbread crust, one
where you simply patted it across the bottom and up the sides of
the pie plate, instead of chilling and rolling it out like
traditional pie crust dough. With her shortbread crust, the pie
took less time to prepare and the bottom crust never turned

Next, we turned to the filling. We peeled all of the peaches, cut
them into slices, and tossed them in a big bowl along with
cinnamon, almond extract (Grandma’s secret ingredient!), and
flour to thicken the juices they released while baking.

With the peaches spread across the shortbread crust, we followed
Grandma’s instructions for an easy streusel topping. She simply
reserved some of the pie crust mixture, added extra sugar, and
sprinkled those large buttery bits across the fruit filling.

Although relatively straightforward and simple to make, the
hardest part of that peach pie recipe was always the same…

Waiting for it to cool! After it finished baking, we had to let the
pie cool all the way to room temperature and then rest for another
couple of hours to let the peach juices thicken so they wouldn’t
squirt out all over the place when we cut slices for ourselves.

But as tortuous as that felt, Grandma’s peach pie was always
worth the wait… And it rarely lasted more than 24 hours!

With summer peach season right around the corner, Grandma’s
famous pie has been on my mind lately. Since I still haven’t
perfected a healthier version (my jaw always drops at how much
butter goes into her crust!), I decided to make the next best

These Healthy Peach Crumble Bars! They have a
lovely soft sugar cookie crust, sweet juicy peaches in the filling,
and a spiced streusel topping—just like Grandma’s pie!

However, unlike her recipe, these cookie bars contain no dairy,
refined flour or sugar (and no eggs too!), and they’re just 79