Learn how to make this moist strawberry bundt cake from
scratch! It’s surprisingly easy (no mixer required!), and it’s
full of fresh juicy strawberries… Along with a special ingredient
that makes it taste really fancy and sophisticated! Yet it’s just
123 calories!


The first night of my trip to see my parents in May, my mom, my
brother, and I stopped by our old middle school band director’s
retirement party at a banquet hall downtown. As a potluck, we
brought a nice bottle of wine and two trays of cookies, which
somehow survived the walk in through the pouring rain.

Almost as soon as we set foot inside, our band director spotted
us through the massive crowd, and his face absolutely lit up with a
gigantic smile. Although most of the people at the party were his
current students, he still recognized us despite almost two decades
passing since we first entered his classroom, and he immediately
rushed over to give us huge bear hugs and say hello.

He continued to walk around the hall for the rest of the evening,
trying to greet each and every person who came to celebrate his
retirement, all while a jazz band comprised of past students played
tunes up on stage. We only planned on staying half an hour, just
long enough to say hi to him, since we figured we wouldn’t know
anyone else…

But two hours later, we looked up at the clock, absolutely
amazed at how much time had passed. We actually spotted other old
band directors and multiple other band parents in the crowd with
kids (now adults!) our age that we knew from way back in the day,
and the hours flew by as we chatted and caught up.

Towards the end of the evening, shortly before everyone pulled on
coats and turned to leave, a few volunteers brought out knives to
start cutting slices of two cakes: a giant two-layer chocolate
sheet cake with “Congratulations!” scripted across the top and
a three-foot-tall tiered carrot cake with too many layers to count
and dainty frosting musical notes piped onto it.

We waited until at least half of the room had taken slices
before reaching for plates of our own. Although the cakes tasted
like fairly standard store-bought flavors, the presentation and
piping work were truly impressive!

As for me… I haven’t yet mastered the art of tiered and
intricately decorated cakes, so I stick with easier (yet still
delicious!) ones like this Healthy Strawberry Bundt
! It’s so simple to make. No mixer required—and no
layers, tiers, or frosting to pipe either!

Yet this healthy strawberry bundt cake is still just as moist
and flavorful as the ones from that bakery at the party, even with
no refined flour or sugar. It also has just 123 calories in each