I have wanted to make Alice in Wonderland cookies my entire
life!!! Finally, I had a very special request from my friend Nanci
at Sugar & Stilettos for her annual fundraiser that benefits
the food bank in LA. 

This was a quick turnaround, so I don’t have videos and a full
tutorial for this set (boo hoo), but I do provide some helpful info

Here are the cutters I used to make this set (click on
the cutter title to view in shop):

Alice is the Princess
Cookie Cutter
(with a slight trim),
Mad Hatters Hat from the
Sugarbelle Shape Shifters 2 Cutter Set

The pocket watch is the
Ball Ornament Cutter
(with a slight trim)

Teacup Cookie Cutter

The Eat Me tag is the Gift
Tag Cutter

The Potion Bottle is the Perfume
Bottle Cutter

I did use a projector on Alice.

This was a quick sketch (thus the lined notebook paper LOL). I
didn’t polish this sketch too much, but here is a copy for you to
download 🙂

I used pastel colors to make the cookies:
pastel pink, gold, avocado, and royal blue. Plus, I used white and
diamond black. You can check out all our food gels in shop –

I used a few stencils to make these cookies too! Like the
Stripe Stencil
in the background of the Eat Me Cookies.

On the blue teacup I used the
Geometric Hexagons
. On the pink teacup I used the
Sweetheart Lace Stencil
. And on the yellow teacups I used the
Dot Stencil
. I added a little
pearl shimmer
airbrush color to each of my airbrush colors to
lighten them and add a little shine.

Do you like the text graphics? Download them all –

TThe pocket watch features the Harlequin

And I add the gold accents using the
Crystal Color Antique Gold
(mixed with Everclear and painted on
with a brush).


Ihope you enjoyed this closer look at the Alice cookies! I would
be flattered if you are inspired by them or recreate them…be sure
to tag me with @flourboxbakery or #flourboxbakery so I can see what
you make!!

Happy Decorating!