Soy Milk Hot Pot (also known as Tonyu Nabe 豆浆乳鍋 in
Japanese) is a popular dish in Japan, and is served in many places
in Japan. Rainy weather these days? No problem – a nice hot pot
is what you might need!

The recipe is remarkably easy. We used stuff like pork broth,
soy sauce, cooking sake and mirin. Next we stirred in the new
Nutrisoy no
added fresh soy milk, and brought it to a boil! We used
the no sugar added variant as it was very apt to use a sugarless
soy milk for a healthy recipe such as this. It also helps as
excessive sugar gives rise to obesity, diabetes and many other
health problems, so why take the excess sugar when you can avoid

For the toppings, we put greens like leeks, daikon, and cabbage
in the bottom layer first, then seafood and meat on top. Add the
soy miso broth you just made, and in 10 minutes you’ll be ready
to serve. This is a dish best served with family and friends, so
enjoy your hot pot party. 🙂