St. Patrick's Day Shamrocks and Horseshoes

St. Patrick’s Day is almost upon us! I like that it’s not super
close to Easter this year…more time for more cookies.

The luck of the Irish was not with me in the decorating department.
I’ll start by saying that these are not my most favorite St.
Patrick’s Day cookies.
These are.

I tried
LilaLoa’s method of using one consistency of icing
for the
outlining and filling. Let’s just say that I need a bit more
practice getting that consistency perfected.

I do like the shamrocks leaves split down the middle. I’ll show you
how I did that. There was supposed to be a large horseshoe with a
bow that was SO CUTE in my head and SO AWFUL in actuality. Just
keeping things real here…not every cookie is a winner. (The good
news is, they still taste fantastic!)

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