If you’re looking for a great meal for leftovers, try this
crowd-pleasing Veggie Egg Bake.

Eggs have always been a favorite ingredient for us at Nutrition
Stripped. They’re an excellent source of protein, healthy fats,
and egg yolks are mineral-rich. Eggs are also versatile — enjoy
them for breakfast or for dinner.

This Veggie Egg Bake is incredibly simple to make and relatively
quick to cook — all you need is a whisk, a large bowl, a baking
dish, a food processor (or your trusty blender) and a skillet to
make everything you need for this bake.

Not only is this entree a quick lunch or dinner to reheat as
leftovers, but it pairs beautifully with a fiber-rich green salad
or a side of your favorite spring vegetables.

Veggie Egg Bake | Nutrition Stripped

The Veggie Egg Bake packs and travels really well due to the
consistency of the crust and the eggs — think of it as a portable
meal. The crust is made of a nutrient-dense blend of almond flour,
sunflower seeds, and flax seeds that give the Veggie Egg Bake a
delicious flavor and makes it portable.

Next time you need breakfast or lunch on the go, pack it with a
salad and fresh avocado and call it a day. You can take it to the
office for lunch to enjoy as is or reheated as a super easy and
tasty breakfast option from home.

If you’re feeding yourself, this will be a great entree to
have for leftovers and same with feeding a hungry family or
partner. Not to mention it’s incredibly versatile depending on
what you have in your fridge or depending on your taste

We like to use this recipe when we have a large number of random
veggies on hand and plenty of farm fresh eggs. Just a couple of our
personal favorite ingredients have been bell peppers, sun-dried
tomatoes, spinach, leeks, and zucchini.

You can even add organic cheese or your favorite non-dairy
cheese right before baking for a little boost in flavor.

Veggie Egg Bake | Nutrition Stripped

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