This guide showcases some of the best places to eat for
breakfast, lunch and dinner in Pittsburgh, PA. 

All of the BEST Pittsburgh restaurants+bars

I’m SO excited to be sharing this post with you! Whether
you’re from Pittsburgh or just visiting, I’m hoping this post
will serve as a guide on where to eat in the city. I had a
difficult time choosing restaurants for each category—it’s
really easy to think of 10 awesome places to eat for dinner—but I
wanted to keep this list concise. If you have restaurants to add to
the list, please leave them in the comments section–the more
recommendations the better! 

BREAKFAST FL.2 – Downtown

Fl.2, also known as Floor 2, is hands down one of my favorite
(or maybe my actual favorite?!) restaurant in Pittsburgh. It’s
located downtown inside the Fairmont and I can truly only think of
great things to say about it. I have it under the “breakfast”
category because they do a mean brunch (think: indulgent French
toast with a side of avocado toast and the best brunch cocktails)
and the decor is stunning. When you first walk in, you’ll be
greeted with a one-of-a-kind bar, followed by different seating
sections, all with a slightly different look and feel. This place
does not disappoint, and if you’re up for it, their dinner menu
is incredible too. 


Recommendations: Their menu changes seasonally,
but I’m a fan of the market breakfast sandwich, the French toast
and the chips & ice cream (the BEST savory/sweet combo). As for
drinks, you can’t go wrong with one of their flavored mimosas
(current flavor is grapefruit tarragon). 


The Vandal features seasonal menu items that range from eggs to
chicken sandwiches to baked goods, and everything I’ve ever tried
has been fantastic. Plus, they have a tasty maple latte that’s
not to be passed up. It doesn’t hurt that the restaurant itself
may be one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in the city:
bright, white and with marble tables, you can’t leave without
inevitably snapping a photo or two. 

the vandal

Recommendations: the soft scramble. It’s a
simple menu item but one of the most popular, probably because the
flavor and portion size is spot-on. 

Troy Hill

Pear the the Pickle has a small but mighty breakfast menu. The
egg sandwich may not look like much, but it’s a buttery bun
filled with egg and your choice of tomato, bacon or sausage (or
maybe all three?!). They also offer a more extensive lunch menu,
but I tend to find myself here for breakfast because of their
delicious coffee. Bonus: they have board games, so bring your
friends, eat a sandwich or two and enjoy the morning with a side of

pear and the pickle

Other favorite breakfast/brunch spots include:
Square Cafe (Regent Square),
The Whitfield (East

– Lawrenceville

If you’re looking for a quick and affordable lunch option,
this is the place. Banh Mi and Ti is a family-owned Vietnamese
restaurant serving up traditional banh mi sandwiches, rice bowls
and bubble tea. It’s a go-to spot for Miguel and I when we’re
craving something delicious but don’t necessarily feel like going
to a sit-down restaurant. 

banh mi and ti

Recommendations: the Viet special, drunken beef
bowl or the classy chick sandwich 


If you happen to find yourself in Sewickley, you can’t pass up
Mediterra Cafe. It’s a well-lit restaurant that serves as both a
cafe and a market where you can buy freshly made bread and a
variety of cheeses. I’m recommending this place for lunch, but
they have a fantastic breakfast menu as well. 

mediterra cafe

Recommendations: turkey sandwich, grilled tuna
melt, kale salad bowl 

Other favorites lunch spots include: Noodlehead (Shadyside), Point Brugge Cafe (Point

Strip District

If you’re looking for good Italian food, look no further than
Bar Marco. The restaurant itself is quite cozy, and  it’s a good
balance between fancy and casual. One of my favorite things about
Bar Marco is that, though they do have a set cocktail menu, they
also offer a create-your-own cocktail option. Essentially you
answer a few quick questions (i.e. What kind of liquor do you
prefer? Sweet, or strong? Citrus ok?) and then the server reports
back to the bartender and the bartender whips you up a surprise
drink. I do this every time I go and have yet to be

bar marco

Recommendations: the gnocchi sardi, the kale
caesar and the rice pudding


Soju has only been around for about a year, but it almost
instantly made my “favorites’ list after I visited for the
first time a few months ago. By definition, Soju is a “clear
distilled beverage of Korean origin with varying alcohol
content”. I don’t know how else to describe Soju other than
SMOOTH, like scary smooth. As for the food, it’s
Korean-meets-American in the best way possible.  


Recommendations: the killer tofu, bibimbap, and
a soju cocktail

Strip District

Smallman Galley is a unique restaurant concept: it’s an
incubator for new restaurants and chefs to experiment in the
restaurant business. As a result, you as the customer gets to
choose from four different restaurant concepts. When you first walk
in, it will resemble a food court—a modern and chic food
court—with menus hanging on the wall so you can pick and choose
the kind of cuisine you want to eat. Currently, the four types of
restaurants within Smallman Galley are serving up pizza, tacos,
Vietnamese, and American cuisine. If you happen to find yourself
over in the North Side (maybe before/after a sporting event), be
sure to check out the sister restaurant with the same concept,
Federal Galley

smallman galley

Recommendations: this is a little tricky since
every restaurant is incredible and it all depends on what you’re
craving, but I can personally recommend the pizza from Iron Born


Morcilla serves up Spanish cuisine with plenty of tapas and
family-style options on the menu (think: small portions so you can
try EVERYTHING or large portions so you can share amongst a group).
Personally, I tend to go the tapas route because there are SO many
delicious things to try. This place is pretty popular on the
weekends, so be sure to make a reservation, or you can always sit
at the bar.  


Recommendations: the cod croquetas, baby back
pork ribs, lavender marcona almonds, and of course sangria

– Lawrenceville

Ok let me start by saying that tacos are my favorite food, and
choosing a favorite was VERY difficult. My other favorite tacos
spots are listed below under the “recommendations”, and you
really can’t go wrong with any of them. I love Round Corner
because it’s A) affordable B) their house salsa is unique in the
best way 3) they have an awesome outdoor patio — seriously, just
go out to the patio. 

round corner cantina

Recommendations: this is zero percent helpful,
but ALL of their tacos are incredible. I typically order a house
margarita and either the chorizo or shrimp tacos, always with a
side of chips and salsa. 

Shadyside, Downtown, Lawrenceville (coming soon)

Ok so Millie’s isn’t a dinner spot—it’s actually an ice
cream shop. However, I don’t typically go out just for dessert,
so I’m including this under the dinner category should you find
yourself craving really good ice cream. I somehow find myself at
Millie’s once or twice a month, probably because they’re always
luring me in with their ever-changing flavors. Oh, and they also
just opened up a pop-up location in Bakery Square, so no matter
where you are you’re able to get your Millie’s fix. 


Recommendations: peanut butter, lavender, any
of their vegan ice creams 

Other favorites dinner spots include: Gaucho (Strip District), Smoke (Lawrenceville), Driftwood Oven
(Lawrenceville), Muddy Waters
Oyster Bar
(East Liberty), Station (Bloomfield)

– Squirrel Hill

I’m including both bars in the same category because they’re
right beside one another and share the same owner, but they have a
completely different look and feel. Hidden Harbor is a
tropical-themed restaurant featuring extravagant rum cocktails
served in fun glassware. It’s a great place to go with a group of
people. Opposite that, Independent Brewery features a variety of
different beer, many from local breweries. The space is a tad
smaller than Hidden Harbor, but it’s super cozy and one of my
go-to spots when Miguel and I want a drink or two (it doesn’t
hurt that they already know my order when I walk in the door, maybe
because I’m the only person who orders a margarita at a
brewery?!). You can’t go wrong with either place, and if you have
the time, I suggest grabbing a drink at both spots. 

hidden harbor

Recommendations: Independent has the BEST margarita (yes
really!), and Miguel likes any of their Pilsner’s; Hidden
Harbor’s Oh My Guava and Golden Girl cocktails are

– East Liberty

The Ace Hotel lobby bar is super cozy and has a great food and
cocktail menu. There are comfy couches you can sit on, but if those
spaces fill up, they have an old gym with ping pong, cornhole and
board games. My friends and I actually went here after mine and
Miguel’s wedding, and it was a great place to hang out with a
group of friends. 

ace hotel

Recommendations: the Fairweather cocktail, the Fourth River

LORELEI – East Liberty

Lorelei is owned by the same people as Hidden Harbor and
Independent, but again, has its own look and feel. It’s a 3
minute walk from Ace Hotel, so if you’re in the area, be sure to
hit up both spots. Lorelei is cool because it’s a cocktail bar on
one side, and a beer hall on the other, so there’s something for


Recommendations: the Redhead Swizzle cocktail, they make a mean
margarita and have an awesome beer selection

Other favorites include: Spirit (Lawrenceville), Grapperia (Lawrenceville),
Mixtape (Garfield)


Apparently I have a LOT of favorite coffee shops. Therefore,
I’m just going to list them in order of location, so no matter
where you are, you’re able to crap a cup of joe! 

A HUGE thank you to the following restaurants for partnering
with me on this:  Fl.2,
The Vandal, Banh Mi and Ti,
Bar Marco, Soju— you are all
genuinely my favorites. Looking for another food guide? Check out
my food
guide to San Juan, Puerto Rico

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